We are a Brewer owned Brewery. Our passion is high quality ale’s and lager’s, we like all kinds of beer and thus we make all kinds of beer. We have decided to create a versatile small batch brew system that allows us to constantly experiment with new flavor characteristics and styles.

We do have a few staple beers available year-round, but pride ourselves on our small batch barrel aged beers and limited release experimental brews.

DECIDE YOUR DESTINY. We decided ours was making premium handcrafted beer. We like ’em, come by and try a pint and decide for yourself.

Owned and operated by James Miller, a badass in his own mind. He started out brewing in San Diego, CA, known as a mecca for craft beer. He decided that brewing was his calling and also decided to pack up and leave California in pursuit of a simpler life making beer for like minded folks in the fine state of Tennessee. Hell, it was the gun laws alone that drew him to the state, but it was the water, and the people that kept him here. Cheers!